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Story of my life

People in my school affect my life. School in general affects my life i mean it sucks but it’s reality i tend to deal with it, wait me try that again.. i have to deal with it. Ive always hated school but and i used to fake sick a lot because I didn’t wanna go because of the people there. For example my 6th grade bully, he made my confidence go down and when i tell you, i had a lot of confidence before i met him. I mean it was great while it lasted. But most people like my girl best friends and my boy best friend made it 10 times better. Now since my confidence is gone i feel like its gone forever, so i feel worthless and i feel like all this hate is coming to me. I know if i give up then it will make me more happy but i know my family and friends wont be. So i wont because they claim “they need me”. Which seems more fake then anything else. I know it might seem like I’m not hurt at all but that’s because I’m very good at hiding my emotions and I know this is a place we’re you can rant but I know someone is gonna judge me. It’s just the world we live in these days. If your hurting remember that god will never abandon you or leave you. Remember everything happens for a reason, your going through all this for a reason. Remember that so many people love you including myself., i know it might not feel like it but that’s okay because just because you don’t believe that ppl care doesn’t mean it’s true, thank you for being here today and making it this far i love you so much and all this pain you have up inside you is happening for reason, god has a plan for all of you.