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Have you ever met a stranger that lives in your mind until now? Well, me and my sister were at this messy thrift shop and while my sister were checking some clothes a guy sitting down gripping on his mug caught my eye. I was 17 that time (I am turning 20 now) and I am very attracted to older guys like much older guys, I was staring at this guy because he looks very familiar to me even my sister told me I might want to check that guy because he seems my type (she wasn't aware that I was already looking at this guy), she said she looks like my 36 years old celebrity crush but I didn't agreed on that he looks very familiar to me so I kept on stealing glances at him and then suddenly it hits me, he looks like Joji (George Miller). He was sitting down sipping on his coffee while talking with the owner of the shop it looks like he was there for a visit. When I've realized he looks like Joji I can't keep my eyes off of him, because everything looks similar to Joji, the teeth the smile the way he wore his cap, his eyes except he got cuter nose and less heavy eyebags. I was telling my sister how this guy looks exactly Joji and then this guy noticed I've been staring so he stared back at me too with a smirk on his face while listening and talking to the owner of the shop. I got embarassed so I acted busy checking the clothes and try to steal glances at him through clothes in between of us but whenever I do his eyes were already on me. I started to feel uneasy so I told my sister to check the other shop and she agreed. Mins after that we went back to where that guy was and he wasn't there already. I started rambling about "what if that's the real Joji?" because during that time I havent heard about Joji. And when I checked up on him he was already starting his 88rising career and uploaded the video "will he". And after that day, I got really obsessed with Joji and that stranger never left my mind. I really have this urge to show a picture of Joji to the owner and asked if he have a friend that looks exactly like him but I feel like I'd look desperate since my country is very conservative. Anyways, do you guys have any idea how I can take this stranger off of my mind because I rejected my suitors because I a'm kind of waiting for him (lol I know its really stupid). I'm starting to think what if that guy was my soulmate (lmao I know thats why I want to take him off of my mind) and I even pray that he is safe and we would meet one more time and like get to know each other or maybe not. Its just strange because I've been sketching Joji's face and can't help but to remember that moment. Sometimes, I would think it was all a dream becausw it feels like it. I wonder where that guy is right now.