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You say that you love me and you don't always show it, but that's the price I paid for doing you like that. It also doesn't matter when you the things I did that would make you smile and giggle now make you watch me like I'm January the 15th. Your gaze is the same. Hurts me to know I brought that back. Even though you say it really wasn't me, whatever it was used me and all you can see is me. Your image of the one and image of the gun is now the same. Blast nightmares into your dreams. One minute I see love in your eyes and the other disgust. Feeling like this is all just a bust, fucked up so much I feel like I should bite the dust. So much distance between us it's like I'm just trying to make a straight line. Just wanna have a peaceful mind so I can give you a peaceful life because you're such a wonderful wife... I'm sorry I can't help it,