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stream of thoughts

i’m so miserable, something minorly inconvenient happened and i’ve felt horrible since then and it’s sent me into a chaotic and hurtful headspace. this guy came over and i didn’t realize he wanted to go back to his place with me, my mom wouldn’t let me. when i told him he left almost immediately after holding my leopard gecko. i feel horrible but also as tho my energy has been invaded. he just smoked me weed and left basically,,,, i’ve been going through a pretty bad depressive episode already recently and this was just the cherry on top :/ idk, i miss going to therapy regularly, i miss not being out of lexapro. i miss being normal. i feel like it’s only getting worse and the farther down i go, the harder it’s getting to get myself back up. i just really need somebody, i feel so lost and alone,,,