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Ppl around me is stressing me up and exhausting me both mentally and physically especially my dad he always tries to ruin everything and always tries to find flaws on everyone. Im so fucking tired

sometimes when i already done everything he purposely make a mess and blame me for it. EVEN NOW i literally just cooked for him and he suddenly barge into my room to "ask" whether i want to eat it but instead just mad at me over some cups that are in the room like wtf the sink is empty the kitchen is clean and i LEGIT just cook for you and all you do is pretending to be "caring" just to complain over cups that DOESNT DO ANYTHING TO YOU

fuck it im so mad im so tired i cant focus anymore i cant even complain about others rn cuz he just URGHHH JUST MIND YOUR OWN BUSSINESS,as if i couldn't wash it later! I JUST WANT TO SIT AND REST FOR A WHILE JUST FUCKING EAT AND LEAVE ME ALONE