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Maybe for many of you reading this , my problem wouldn't sound too big but trust me at my level , it is really difficult for me . I am in class 10th and have a lot to study + a lot of assignments + tuitions + online school ... I have been trying my best to keep up with all of my studies as well as my extra activities ... But it keeps getting difficult day by day ... Sometimes I just feel too stressed out that I'm not in a state to concentrate and when I try to talk about this to my parents they take too lightly and say that it's just all in my head . I feel like I wanna take a break but when I take a break all I can think about is my studies and my mind keeps telling me that I'm wasting my time ... I'm never able to enjoy my break time and I Always feel guilty if I take a break ... I know that I maybe stressing too much .. but I just can't stop it !!!

Even tho I study my best most of the time , at the end of the day I still feel as if I did nothing and wasted the whole day ... Even if I didn't !!!

All these things are eating me up ... I'm not able to be myself.. I've turned into a very stressed and lost in my own world kinda person from a very jolly and cheerful person .

I don't wanna be like this and I have no one to speak to ... So , I came across this site and thought it would be fine to let all of it out !!!

Besides all this I miss my mom .. my dad and my mom got divorced when I was quite young and now as I'm at a place where both my mom and my father live my mom wants me to visit her every Sunday but my dad kinda doesn't like me visiting her so frequently .. so now every weekend I have to go through my mom's drama and then my dad's drama !!!

I already have so much to do and stress about but no one cares to make me comfortable ... Everyone just thinks about there own benefit

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