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My only crush has told me that he has a crush on me, this is may 2019, I can't get the thought of him out of my brain, I hope he still feels the same. I tell myself that i will only be with him when i am skinny and happy. he matters a lot to me, im 4'10 and 130 pounds, i cant stop eating, no matter what i try, I cant keep a diet, i try to set a schedule of what i eat but i cant keep it. i scared that i will never lose weight but more importantly, ill lose him and he will be with another girl. the thought of him with another girl is terrifying to me. Ill try my hardest after posting this, please pray for me! <3

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Re: struggling

Whats mote important? Being perfect, or being happy? Don't worry about loaing the weight. He said he has a crush on you. You already won. The competition is over you can relax. So go be with him. Besides, if your weight is a make or break with him, then it wasnt worth worrying about anyway. Stop punishing yourself for something imaginary and go be happy.