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Hey im a 14 y.o female living in asia . My friend told me about this website and i honestly.... idk who to talk to this about . So basically I feel like im in a slump . This whole thinb started last year when i signed a scholarship at a school ive been going to for 9 years . I got a scholrship to do my secondary years there and i saw the chance so i just took it w/o thinking about the consequences and how I truly felt about studying there . Yeah it started last year during march i started to feel pressured and siffocated . The school's atmosphere was unbearable . I felt pressured to be perfect . Knowing me , i would iust ignore it and go on so eventually it got worse . Fastforward to this year , i hate my school so much . Im not happy at all . I want to leave . But how the scholarship works is that i have to stay in the school until i finish my O levels and i wouldnt have to pay for anyth . If i break it though , i have to pay back all the fees and i might never be given a scholarship ever again .It got so bad that I have to hold in my tears everytime someone asks me "how's school" . I feel stuck and i dont have the heart to tell my parents how i truly feel . I feel so alone in this . Please help me .

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