Stuck !!! Got any advice ???

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I am 25 yrs of age. I got no great skills or passion...I quickly lose interest in anything. I either get overwhelmed with the bundle of information or i feel there is no use of that...

When i was small i wished i never run after money. I NEVER DO IT. I beleived that when we have only 1 life why should we compromise. I never did anything which i didnt beleive.

I graduated, studied hard, but i didnt get a job. I hated what i did so i barely knew(coz again i got bored). I stil got a award and another appreciation. I felt i got it at a courtesy coz my dad passed away the same year.

As my awards, i got a great job offer(i feel i got it by pure luck coz many ppl in my office deserved taht job ), but i cringe thinking i should be working for 10+ YEARS andnthink maybe my future self would hate me for it. Going all in and exploring is what i love doing , but sometimes i think after 10+ yrs what if i didn't find anything and find it hard to pay my bills. I DESPISE THINKING THAT!!!!

Should i take up this offer and go with flow or leave it and regret later???

I am going to be taking the offer but still i need this answer

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