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Stuck in my own head

I have been doing this job since 2.5 years right after college and I never felt connected with it almost since beginning. I do not have any affinity towards the work or the team and I feel completely disconnected. Everyday I login to the job I feel this should be my last day. This feeling has grown even more stronger from the last few months when I was snubbed of my promotion for the second time in a row even though I had absolutely outstanding ratings. I don't have any motivation to continue and now I don't have any confidence as well to look for another job. After my experience in the current job I am absolutely unsure where to go. Slowly I also realised that I am actually not passionate about anything in life nowadays nor in my recent past. Irrespective of my indifference to the work I am still able to maintain and deliver productively. I don't have any friends I can confide to neither at personal level or professional level. Am just stuck in the same vicious cycle of hating my job and pushing my self to feel better about my job.