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Stupid idiot thief child ( returned every thing)

when i was 9 - stole a chrome book from school and a $60 Pandora bracelet ( on different days) and stupidly went home with both and showed them to my mom. the chrome book i kept it in my closet and said "mom i need Wi-Fi" and showed her why , the bracelet Stupidly left that on her dresser pretending that I bought it for her when I can't even afford myself a box of slime  but I ended up telling another lie saying that I got it from my school and then ended up getting it next to a trash can on a newspaper stand at her graduation I don't know when this happened but I also stole slime from the store I ended up putting it in my pocket when I went home because I didn't have a bar code so the things wouldn't beep if I went through them so when I went home they spilt in my pocket she told me to empty my pockets spilt on the seat belt in the car and the chair but the store doesn't know that so yeah.

  • A very stupid passed thief
  • i returned every thing and they understood and got a light punishment
  • So dont call me out for shit