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PEOPLE want to make everything somebody says to be a tale a story how do you know someone's life is story? how do you know if that is really what went on? people gossip, gossip is to grab attention and ideas of something that had not transpired like for example one estrange toxic family member made a false accusation me and stated to everyone that i had vandalised there house which did not transpire i air freshener there house with air freshener and perfume not vandalism i had to use every example in the book of what vandalism is unless someone is taking a pitch fork or a shovel to your auto-mobile that is destroying property and vandalism unless someone has graffiti on the side of your house that is vandalism. when were young were told tattle tailing is taboo when what if it is someone preaching the truth of what actually happens are you going to shame them get in a rage and say you should not do that come on people'