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Sucker for LOVE ( or just a good company )

Hey, strangers I wouldn't have seen me doing this a year ago πŸ˜…πŸ˜…. This as in writing to a bunch of strangers, but I always say that strangers can easily show some ideas that no one would. Yes they will judge but they will now show that to us.

But that's not why am here, am just hella confuses in one setuation where I know 3 guys (fyi m a girl)( bi curious with makes it complicated) so 1 of those guy

1. He says that he likes me, but he doesn't want to cheat on me every so he will never be in a relationship with me (He is my FWB) so instead he will date another girl n cheat on her with me because I am the best crazy woman he have been with.

2. Well he is my Ex my very first boyfriend well he is an asshole. At that time while I was blinded by that fairy tale love I didn't saw that ( I didn't knew ) that he was already dating someone n I was a side chick but in thes cases I was clueless until we broke up. Hahahaha there is another story behind my breakup. That's for next time🀣🀣.

3. The third guy ( I am idiot ) so to started talking online, we met, we enjoyed a lot it was so much fun but guys what he was dating someone that I didn't know ( until I had a chat with that girl [ no I never told her about him] and then she blocked me) n now he want me to be his side chick so I told him that I gotta a boyfriend ( which I don't ) so back off but he will still try to contact. I ignore

But I really like the first guy but all this makes me think that is it something wrong with me that these guys don't actually wanna be with me...

What do u guys think... Do let me know


Love u guys, just keep smiling

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Re: Sucker for LOVE ( or just a good company )


From what you described, none of the guys you described would actually be good for you. I think you love the idea of them, but I see there are a lot of obstacles which seem to stem from their own behaviour. I would advise you just cutting them off, giving yourself time, reflecting and then looking for someone.

That's what I think.

I wish you all the best and I hope things will become clearer for you