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Every night I would hope that I won't wake up in the morning anymore.

It's just so hard to live in a social world.

I'm not very good at this.

I'm such a burden.

I don't like myself that much.

I know my family is very much disappointed in me.

My problems would all be solved if I just know how to socialize.

I would have more than four friends.

Interviews wouldn't feel like death.

I wouldn't feel like I am annoying people every time I talk to them.

My life isn't even bad like those who were or are being abused.

so why am i like this

and why can't i fix my thoughts

i wanna be a better me, but i really don't think i will ever get there

so i just hope every night that i wont wake up tomorrow.

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4 months ago

Re: sucks

I just want to say what your feeling is real and genuine. I get that. I am not a very social person either. In high school I had no friends, i sat alone, and people bullied me behind my back. I hated it. I wanted to give up and just die. But I realized one day. That I’m a pretty freakin cool person. I like the Beatles, I can play electric guitar, and I once beat bowser in super Mario. Bro’s.

i say this to tell you to embrace yourself. That’s not supposed to sound sappy or anything. But really just be you. Everybody is weird in their own way. Just realize that’s what makes you different. And that’s good. Socializing isn’t everything. I went through the entire 5th grade without ever saying a word. I made it. I have a job. I’m successful. I’m proud of myself. Be proud to be you. If you know you have flaws. Embrace them. Know that you need to work on them but be kind and give yourself credit.

also interviews are hard. They are hard for everyone. It’s not just you. I cried the first time I interviewed for a job. I was so overwhelmed. It’s normal.

friends. Listen. You don’t need more than four friends. Anymore and it’s too much work. You gotta spend more money at Christmas and be involved with more drama. You only need a few friends.

you will Be a better you. It just takes time. You can do it.

finally. I don’t know you. I don’t know your name or where your from. I don’t know your age, your race, your name. I’m just another Imperfect human trying to get through life. But God does know you. He knows your name, your struggles, and your pain. When I have hard times in my life I turn to him. And things get better. Just know that God loves and cares for you no matter who you are. Your not a disappointment. Your an amazing work of Gods art. Live your life. Be proud to be who God created you to be. God put me here to respond to you for a reason. He has a plan you just have to trust him. Stranger, I love you. Please be proud to be weird. Be proud to be you. :)