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i was thinking is it really worth living!!!! in person life each person hurt someone who is important to them each n every time or get hurt and you know in the end everything is okay!! In what end??? the end of the life or end of the fight?

And lets consider we live after fight for what to live this live thing with that person and what you gonna do after she or he leave you

why are we here for fill our belly or satisfying your desire

you see we can see i will talk in way of religion in any religion we can see god made us and its our duty to find peace but if you really not existed so this thing is nothing and in the end and actual end death its not gonna matter its NOT

love,hate,pride,happiness or any other feelings is shit life is suffering you got everything but in the end and i am talking about end of this feeling suffering is gonna take place only suffering so live short and live without bothering to others but this is gonna bother some and try to get close but make yourself hard as shell don't let come inside your heart because its gonna hurt later and no one gonna listen because the person suppose to listen was not there