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Not really tho. Kinda, I guess? Lately, a thing I go through has returned where I struggle to breathe, which also makes it hard for me to talk. Like literally speak any words. Breathing becomes a truly forced effort (not in a medical sense, but in a "please breathe please finish this breath so I can start the next one" type of way) that even involves forcing the air through my throat. I very much believe it is an anxiety attack. There's always something. I've been in such a funk too where the days are just days, going way to fast to get anything done but also crawling by. I feel like I'm not really myself, like I'm almost 2 or even 3 people living at different times. Always me tho, idk it's hard to explain. Everything is always so hard to explain. I have so much in my head but communication fails me often that I feel like people don't wanna talk to me because I can't ever connect the thoughts with what I physically speak. There's so much I wanna say and talk about and fix, in my life and about the world, too, but it's all just ideas.