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I too have been utterly disrespected and hurt and I know horrible people feed off it and enjoy hurting. I believe life is a test. It seems the world doesn’t want good people they are a threat to horrible people so they have to attack them to make themselves feel better. Good outweighs evil, love always wins. Please please don’t let others hatred change the goodness in you, that only lets them win. Love yourself and don’t allow hate to poison you. Trust me I really do know and I have been through almost more that I can handle too. My experience has taught me I have to keep my heart open or I find myself in darkness that is hard to get out of. If you can go into nature and just breath, make a list of the ways your experience has taught you to be more aware and stronger, spend time with a friend or pet, exercise or do a hobby to distract you from spiralling down it will help a lot. I would make sure those people have no way to contact you and do not dignify them by reading or reacting to their posts. Trust they will get their karma, don’t let them change yours by hating.