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I have suicidal thought , I’m not happy, and it’s been a long time that I’ve been feeling this way , I’m 27 and I’m married me and my husband have our business he is a hardworking man , but we are not having any success, we are full in debt and we can’t get out , we have problems at work . These days he has been judging me that we are here because of me and because I’m not working hard enough to get us out of this situation!

Two years ago we have been in the same situation and he told me that I’m making you happy and I’m not offering you the life that I promised, and he told me that if I want I can leave .. I never did !! But this time I’m super depressed I have anxiety I’m stressed all the time and I’m in the middle of two fires, I can’t leave but I can’t stay .. I’m not happy . I just wake up in the middle of the night and cry myself out I don’t know how we came to this point and I’m so tired I just can’t do this anymore 😭

I’m thinking of taking my own life maybe I’ll find peace, and I hope I die , I just feel sorry for my parents, I’m lost

I don’t have anyone to talk we also never discuss with each other about these topics, he is very silent so I stay in silence too , one day I had a talk with my father and he told me stop stressing you shouldn’t be the one stressing out he should be , since we owe him money also we have a loan at the bank and sometimes we struggle paying the bank , I don’t know where to knock I don’t know what to do I just stay and pray sometimes!

I can’t do this anymore whoever sees this please pray for us

God bless you all , hope everyone who is struggling find the right way to get out of any situation 🙏🏻

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