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Suicidal Scenarios

TW: Suicide, death

I have always made up scenarios of how I'm going kill myself or how I'm going to die.







Stray bullet

Heart break

Getting hit by a vehicle

Falling off a vehicle

Jumping off a bridge or building

I don't look like a person who is struggling with suicidal thoughts, I don't cut myself but instead I search up for things online that can make me cry, feeling my heart clench so tight every time there's something that's hurting me, hoping that I'd actually die from heartache. Right now, I want to scream for help so bad but I also don't want to. I'm hurting but my tears stopped falling.

I'm just so tired. I want to sleep and stop breathing. Every morning, when I wake up, I keep on feeling disappointed that I'm still alive.

I want to run, to hide, to disappear without a trace.



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Re: Suicidal Scenarios

We all come here for similar reasons. There are millions of us.

Your smart to ask for help. I’m highly educated & have seen therapists for over 10 yrs.

I was forced to go at first as I tried to fight to go back to work after anerism. Hated it. Refused to work with them. Fought taking meds. I’m a man bitch.

Turns out I really needed it. Still have issues but I’m calmer. The meds balance the chemicals my brain make incorrectly. I have bad disease so can’t take high enough dose. I’ve tried it. That dose worked but I can’t take it.

I’d suggest a school counselor, or s therapist. Then meds. Be honest with them.

Self help. Quit watch sad stuff. No protests. Only happy stuff.

Comedies. Fun music. Dance. Sing. Stare at Christmas lights or a lava lamp as goto sleep.

Your asking for help cause you don’t want to die but the depression causes bad thoughts. We can’t heal ourselves totally. But we can alter ourselves to seek balance. We can learn coping mechanisms. We can let science help us.

I just prayed for you. I love you. You may say why would someone love me. How can I believe that. Why would someone spend 45 mins writing this when they’ll probably die in under a yr if they don’t care? We care because we have been where you are. Jesus loves you.

God Bless