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Wow everyday I get amazed by how my family is. I've been diagnosed with depression for a few months now and I've self harming myself. After my sister found out she screamed at me and said "are you psychopath!". Now my sister and my mom are talking in other room saying stuffs like I'm crazy and they even said that I've to be sent to a mental asylum. Wow instead of helping me through it and cheering me they make me want to kill myself more. When I have my mood swings, they say that I'm immature and when will I grow up. I've been body shamed by them so there is no way that I can love my body when I cut and scratch myself. I don't feel guilty because I hate it. Don't do this don't do that why because I'm a girl. I wouldn't be here if only they hadn't said that they are going to adopt a son. In my society boy are prioritized more than girls. So my entire life I've been living with the fear that I'm going to be abandoned after he comes. So I studied really hard and got top 1 in class for 2 years continuous but I really that that wasn't it. They just wanted a son to carry out the family heritage. I don't know what to do anymore. It's not that I haven't tried talking with them. Well I did but instead I was criticized. If this continues any longer, I might really suicide.

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Re: Suicide

Hi, I actually feel the same like you, I really wanna end my life cause of family issues. But Remember You dont need them to make your life better, Its your choice to be free, to do what you want in your life. Family is just there to teach you and judge you on what choices in life you will choose. I know its gonna be hard because since you were born your family is always at your side. But that doesnt mean that your gonna do what they want from the rest of your life. And i know its gonna be a hard journey for us. And EVERYONE Will criticize you from the right/wrong things you will do. But instead of taking a blow and hurting yourself make it an inspiration/goal that all the things they have said to you will be the one who will push you to be stronger. You dont need to be a better person on their eyes. You just need to trust and live yourself at the fullest. Remember, Life will never be fair. Depression is a hard thing to cure and i respect you for fighting it. Youre not alone. Were millions of us sufferring. I dont know you, but i feel you. Pls dont commit suicide, suicide will never help you. Dont commit suicide just because of them, they dont deserve to see you dead. I hope your life will be better in the future, Dont lose hope. The time will come for you. Keep fighting and always love yourself. Its only you who can help you. I wish you all the best.

I don't think you're a coward. I think you are soo brave because you went through all of that. An entire ocean can't sink a ship if the water doesn't get inside. I know I'm no one but believe me, you are amazing. Start with baby steps, try to accept yourself. This time shall pass. I believe in you. I think you are amazing.

I know life might seen shitty right now. Trust me teenage years are the worst years if your life, hormones really are a killer. We have a habit of escalating how we feel because we havent learnt how to deal with it in a healthy way. Once youve left school and you get yourself grounded you will feel much calmer. You will realise life is what you make it and its certainly worth living. Your mum and sister care for you, if you are self harming its often a cry out for a response and they are responding. Have a think about what it is you actually want.