suicide attempts

Suicide attempt

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I just tried to overdose on Advil right now, my mom caught me taking 10 pills in my hand and yelled at me while hitting my arm. I tried to play it off as if the bottle slipped and poured out more than one Advil, which luckily they believed me considering I constantly bottle up my emotions and show no visible signs of depression and suicidal tendencies luckily, but I said I had a headache which is why I took them in the first place, (half lie, half truth since I did have a massive headache over school and life in general, and I also wanted to kill myself) which they said was because of my eating habits and scolded me even more. Although I eat once or twice a day I’d say I’m pretty healthy , I don’t eat a lot because I just don’t want to, simple as that. I’m not anorexic whatsoever. But yeah, that just happened I’d say around 10-15 minutes ago? I ended up only taking one tablet which sucks since I really wanted to overdose in my sleep so that I wouldn’t have to deal with the mental abuse tomorrow once my parents find out I failed 2 quarters of school. But who knows maybe I will find a meaning out of this shitty life, not likely though.

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