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suicide trigger warning

i wanna kill myself so bad. i wanna take a knife and slowly slide it all the way down my body and watch the blood rush down. i hate myself. i am ugly and worthless. i wanna lull myself so bad. people tell me i’m fat and ugly all the time so i know i am. i just wanna die. the only thing that’s been keeping me alive is the thought of them going through my phone or showing disgusting pictures of me at my funeral... but if i’m dead i don’t really have to worry. i just want to kill myself so badly :)

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Re: suicide trigger warning

Every person has their own insecurities. And you are not alone, we might seem okay on the outside but on the inside. We are a mess 🤣

Every person has their own timing. It may not be now but be patient. It will come.

This is coming from a person who came from that place. Be Patient and just do your thing. Don't worry too much. Do your thing and try to grow and someday you'll be surprise of the little changes though not drastic omes but still good changes :)

You may not to be the same person before. But I would like to think diamonds become diamonds under great pressure

Hey I don't know if you a girl or boy and honestly it doesn't matters, what really matters is YOU, Dear you are absolutely lovable, you deserve so much love affection and respect. No matter what is your sexuality, your religion, your cast. Nothing matters more than you and your heart.



And lemme tell you something about looks, since i am a Muslim and am a believer, so what i believe is we all have been created by God, and we all know God doesn't makes mistakes, he makes flawless things, its us who have set up the parameters for looks...

Anyways all i wanna say is you matter,

And if you ever wanna someone to talk with here is my Instagrm id @unfolding_my_heart


I would love to talk to you...

With lots of love buddy your anonymous freind

When do you plan on taking your life dear....please I'll appreciate if you'll reply

So in the space of now till the planned date.... Can you just spend a little of your time doing something each day?( Amidst all the fact of being fat and all.... Think deep and write five things you're grateful for .....five for each day,it doesn't matter if it's a repetitive grateful thought or item....just make sure to pen it down and then read everything before taking your life

I really hope you won't see the reason to end it all anymore but the reason to keep living

Love you💓