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Sun burned and Damaged

Just like yourself I find myself intrigued with writing. Its an escape from everything that is reality to me. Although it means so much to me, I haven't written anything since college, recently a student at my place of employment asked me for help writing an essay. I jumped in as fast as I could and found myself smiling because of all the ways you can start an essay. I couldn't rid myself of the excitement this opportunity brought me. Why haven't I written in so long? I know why, who would read it and if someone did, would they even care? All my past writing experiences have been assignments. I loved each and every one of them but to write was a demand. Now, nobody is demanding to read my work. This is why I am here, if someone reads this... I am here. I am in these words. A person detached from everything real. Lost in these words. This short story is nothing. I just felt the need to start somewhere, with some explanation.

Open your mind for me.

Is your heart as soft as your skin? His is. Eyes clear, as if there is no pain. Eyes that reflect forgiveness and love. Endless roads between deserts of dry filled dirt fill his heart. Weighing him down. Don't feel sorry for him, he lives at the bottom. The dirt covers his soul but you still see the light from miles away. Shining through ever dark corner of the world. Every part of this body is real. Flaws, Beauty, Voice, Movement all connect you as one.

His skin is printed with two colors of ink. Sun burned and damaged. Close your eyes, you can feel his patches. Still beautiful. Thick skinned with miles of lines, each explaining hard work and determination. Loud laughs and broken cries. Real words with deep love. Caring words travel around the world when spoken by him. No translation is needed when he speaks. Love is universal. Still weighed down, he moves slowly. Not because it is difficult to carry so much dirt, but because he refuses to soil anyone else. Carrying all that he can, swaying between people he loves. Softly picking up our dirt along the way.