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so i (26 y.o.) have a friend (29 y. o.) and i love him very much, he loves me too (at least he trusts me) and that's all wonderful but here is the thing: he is used to go out and do fun activities and stuff that cost money. quite much money. and it is not a problem for him, he would buy impulsively for example something that cost a few hundreds of dollars without a care in the world, or rather with very few cares anyway.

I on the other hand am quite broke. I dont work and i depend on my parents for everything.

The other day we were at his place and he was sitting on his couch with his friend and they were like roughhousing and i wanted to join so i went to sit on the couch and i broke it accidentally. I was of course super embarrassed for ruining foreign property and i offered to help fixing it or replacing it (partly - because like i said i am very broke, much like the couch)

he said that although it was not such a super big deal for him to replace it, it would still be unfair if i didn't pay for the replacement and basically if i didn't buy him a new couch. Principle wise. I was super embarrassed and went on to say absolutely i will replace it and pay for the new couch. When i went home and talked about it with my parents (they too are broke, we are dealing with financial difficulties), they were super mad at me and at him for suggesting something like that.

So now i basically have to replace a couch that is not mine and i have no money whatsoever and i just don't know what to do about it. I don't know where to find the money (if i worked i would have absolutely paid for it without a doubt) and on the other hand, I can't quite blame him for asking that because i was the one who sat so violently down and broke the couch. My parents are very angry at me, meanwhile, just the thought of asking them for money about it was infuriating for them (they dont really like him) and I can't tell him they don't give me money. I have no idea what to do about this. Anyone has any suggestions???