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I have always been deeply in-loved with this guy ever since I've met him. But our circumstance and situation just never matched. We tried to get to know each other years back but he was not ready for any commitment then since we were both busy and wasn't ready to take anything serious. Fast forward, I got back with my first bf and honestly, it's never a good relationship with him. But I guess I just don't want to feel alone anymore since Ive been single for years. But I keep thinking about the other guy. Sadly, he's in a relationship right now and he seems very happy. Odd thing is he started dating this girl months after I got back with my ex and I've been hearing he was talking about me to his friends that I left him hanging and ghosted him before he got together with his current gf. But I think we were just lost in translation. I wanna forget him. But the relationship that I have with my bf makes think of the what ifs cause he's treating his gf so good rn and Im having this really bad one with mine. I really wanna be honest with my feelings but for what? I would just hurt my current bf and he doesnt need to know that Im still very much in-loved with him specially now that he seems happy with his current gf.

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Leave your current boyfriend. Doesn't sound like you love him at all if you are thinking about another guy. You are just hurting yourself and you will prolong his pain if he finds out about this. A rebound/filler is a really bad way to start a relationship and your relationship right now sounds like a rebound/filler. You should not be with someone just because you are scared of being alone. You should be with someone because you are in love with that someone. What you are doing now is lying to your boyfriend, the other guy and worse yourself. Save everyone from the pain and be honest about what you feel.

I see it that this is guy really loved you, it's just a case of feelings that were never expressed, he needed you to be more committed, open and maybe show some affection.

A times a guy respects his relationship with a girl so much that he feels asking her out might ruin it so deep down he loves you and hate to see you with another but he won't tell cause you might not feel thesame but since he had no woman you would have given him time, I am having the same experience.

Since your mind is with another why not leave this guy not and save him number heartbreak, I see you don't like him. Things may work as you desire if you break up, it may not be him but someone you truly love.