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I am girl from middle class family.when my mom married my dad after somedays she get to know that he was mentally unstable and she left him.because once he tried to kick her stomach when she was pregnant. Afterward she started to live with my grandparents. But you know this middle class people's things what will society says and how we will manage her for because of their rude behavior mom left me with my grandparents and married to man from another caste ,after some years she came and took me with her.when I was in 8th she changed my surname and my caste,I was not matured that much to understand consequences of that thing .now I am 24 my family is started to groom for me .now I am totally confused about whome to marry .I dont know tradition of any of them .and I really dont want any new surname. And I don't know everything is fucked up.every boy look at my background and past of my mom .they are more interested in my past than my present.

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