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the last few weeks have been rough, ive been failing miserably in school and have been making bad decisions non stop. i almost had sex with my ex, i smoked tons of weed, i got caught lying, ive been sneaking out going dangerous places with friends and finally i got caught.. not with all of this just some things. also im losing my bitchy fake ass best friend i fucking hate her sometimes because of her short dry responses they irritate me and make me so angry like holy fuck bitch stfu damn. anyways im pretty happy for the most part but my parents play a huge role in this as well. i have adhd, anger issues and almost on the spectrum. im a freak for art and always trying to find a way to incorapte it in my everyday life. i hate alot of people like this one bitch hates me because im friends with my ex from middle school lmao how lame. we all are as sick as our secrets and oh lets talk about how im moving far away from my friends haha new start but same me same old dirty secerts.

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