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Tall, dark and superman

For what it’s worth, i really loved you and i will always Cherish what we had. The unparalleled Joy that i felt everytime i see you or talk to you. You had given me unBelievable feelings that was so real and intense. I will Always remember every memory that i have of you. You wiLl be forever kept, tightly and safe. I can’t wait for our roads to cross again and I’m already looking forward to the inevitable. I hope i Can look at you without any pain when that time comes. I hope i hAd moved on from you then and that i have found the right person for me like you did. There are No words or sentences enough to express how much regret and sadness i feel for all the unexpressed feelings then. BuT do not worry, it’s not your fault, it’s mine. For i hAve not learned to forget my feelings for you.