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Taryn Michal Mullen

Taryn Fênix Mullen

a fake

I saw how your boyfriends treat you 

I saw how your friends treat you 

I saw how your family treat you

why took me so long to ditch you?

willing to see the good on you 

never made you to be good

helping you to rise

never made you to be worthy of it 

not even your mom likes you

what is left for you then? be a part of the shittyiest group with trash just like you

a group that disrespect each other in a wide variety of ways

where people have sex with the person that they know is dating another colleague. cheaters.

students are sexually harassed 

and exploited economically 

culture appropriation without give back in a significant way, give back only crumbs 

that can ONLY get united when against someone else

that’s unhealthy to say the least. 

New York Crapoeira Center

New York Capoeira Center of Bullshit