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tattoos, bandages and rings

I have a thing for tattoos, bandages and ring. Call me weird but the feeling of a bandages in my skin is just refreshing, as if it's like it's covering me even though i don't have wounds or anything. Tattoos, i want to have tattoos, like literally, but i'm still a minor and my parents are strict. My siblings say things like, "that looks so dirty" whenever i place a fake tattoo on my knuckles and hands. But i don't see how it's dirty?, and i guess that they just see it as dirty because i'm a girl and i should be clean on my body like tf. For me tattoos on hands are legit attractive, especially when it's meaningful and the work's good. But i don't really like face tattoos, i just want it on my neck, hands and ankle. No offense though, but i also don't like full body tattoo, well, if it suits the person then aight. Then also rings, i don't know when i started to like them, i guess i just like the design and how they feel on my hands.