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she is just. don’t expect most things in this to make sense. she makes me feel like she likes me. but i know that if i ask, she’ll say no. she’s never stuck in a relationship for more than 2 months, which scares me even more. i’m expected to make the move but i know she doesn’t like me,(due to the fact that she frequently asks out my best friend,(who by the way is a polar opposite of me in the sense that he has been getting asked out since 1st grade)). i’m honestly just confused and i don’t know if i’m supposed to know what’s going on. i’m the kid that doesn’t know like anything about s*x and all that so when i’m asked, i say idk that makes me feel like i’m 7. either way, i don’t have a chance with her and she’s the only person i’ve liked since 1st grade. never stopped liking her and honestly don’t know when i will. i’ve tried to stop liking her, but i never come to do it. it’s come to the point where i can’t even imagine her face. ever time i think of her i only think of her name. her face never comes to mind. on the other hand. i was the only boy to go to her b day party (mainly cause the 1 other dude couldn’t come) so that’s also confusing. but we also have this bond. we’ve been best friends since we met(since our last names are close in the alphabet). she recalls meeting before then but i just say i remember. but we used to always play games together. but then our friendship died down to the point from me talking to her EVERY DAY no matter if she responded or not, to not talking for what feels like months. we’d play the most free games. hide online on our phones. we’d play for hours. anyways this is pretty long and it’s 1 am so i should go to bed. thanks for viewing. replies are appreciated. -tylrb