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Teach me how to stop caring about my family's opinions

I'm 25 and unemployed. I live with my mum. I got expelled in high school and got a shit load from my whole extended family. I dropped out of two colleges and you can imagine what that was like.

I decided to follow my heart and study film and TV production. However, my family to this day won't let me forget mistakes I made in my past and I can't seem to not let what they say bother me. They constantly talk about how am a failure behind my back but I usually hear coz they usually think am not listening.

I am currently unemployed. I have been for a year but I do some freelance work whenever I can get some. But they don't respect my work. They think me working from home is me being lazy. All they say about me affects me so much but I have to pretend not to know what they say about me.

I think I might lose my shit soon. Please advice me on how to stop caring and let go of all this.