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Teenage family issues

My parents are fighting most of the time, I have to listen to my mom ranting about her everyday struggles, It would be fine if I was the only one she had to tell these things, but she makes sure everyone knows, every little detail of her life, my brother is a fucked up ignorant piece of shit who doesn't care about anyone, my father's alcoholic. And to top it all I have to baby sit my younger sisters for almost 8 hours everyday.

I have my online exams in 3 days yet nonee of my work is complete and I have no desire left to study, when I try to share my problems about studying or anything in general, my mom says it's fine , I'm just going through a teenage phase of feeling depression ( I wen to a psychologist and I was examined with depression), but my parents say it's all fake, even though they were with me when it happened. And worst of they tell me (especially my fucking mother) that it'll be alright even if I score low in studies, but god forbid if I score low they fuck up my mind by saying rude, sarcastic comments, they even hit me sometimes and scold me badly, then at the end they cry and say they love me and care about, like WHAT THE FUCK is this behavior then.

Im just FUCKING done with everyone.