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Tell me if its wrong

I'm 17, used to go to a summer camp with boys only............well, i had a crush on the guy that was sleeping next to me, he was only wearing a short at night, topless.. turning me on all night. While he was sleeping, i used to play with his cock and balls when everybody was asleep until he is errect. Is that bad?. it was really BIG.

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Re: Tell me if its wrong

Honestly yes if it was against his will. If he accepted and didn't care, It's fineee! Plus on the other side guys always do the same thing to girls.. what's so wrong if a girl decides to do it? Not saying it's right but don't. Don't. I mean don't, Put yourself down or be ashamed of this. I know the feeling and it's horrible it takes over you every second. You're just exploring your sexuality. Chill. It's okay....

I hope you won't be upset by this, but it wasn't right to do that. He was asleep, meaning he couldn't consent. Even if he was attracted to you it's still not right to touch another person's body in that way without their permission. Would you be okay with a stranger touching you like that whilst you were asleep? What if he didn't like it but was too scared to say no?

You don't have to do anything about it, but in the future please don't do that. Let him have the ability to say no.