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tell me what to do

i feel alone and lost in the world. i don't know what to do, when i think about the future i get scared bc i am not good at anything, i don't like school, i don't like people they piss me off, i have 4 friends but i don't have the courage to talk to them about this. i am scared of not being a successful person in the future and i think im a piece of shit. i know i have to do something but the thing is i don't know how to do anything and the worst thing is idk how to talk/relate with people. i am a stutterer (i think i said it right, if you don't lmk in the comments) and sometimes i am ashamed and anxious to talk to people because i am afraid they think i am dumb askdljwdjqwlijrqw helpppp

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Re: tell me what to do

Well u do think in that way cuz u arent confident much to display yourself !! There might be lot of facts about u which makes u feel like this !!! But u only know wrong thing about yourself unless u tell about it upfrontly!! If u really thing that those facts really bothering you so just be good in yourself !! We all know this world is kinda shitty to each n everyone !! Its really hard to find kind heart people !! Just come up with it talk to people eventually try them

have fun with them see whether they fit in your frame or not !!! Cuz we have to make our own world and this is only gonna happen only if u give it a try !! Its good to be introvert!! But be an introvert after trying or knowing thing/people