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Telling off the preacher

I have alienated myself in my own Church to the point I don’t even go anymore.

He preached against homosexuality. I looked at children around me. They could be gay. It’s not a child’s fault if God designed us. I used to remain quiet like a good Christian soldier. Now I quietly speak up.

I politely asked him not to speak like that in front of my children. Explained why. He argued the Bible. I argued he’s fat & remarried. This is not an attack on overweight people. I always preferred full figured women. This is right & wrong.

At some point if men like me wont stand up it never changes. Other men fear me. If I get in their face very few will speak back. I’m also a law abiding; gun owning; horse riding, Christian. I don’t drink or smoke. I don’t even drink tea. So I live cleaner than most people. I am the one who needs to speak up; because I’m a better man than they are.

I brought up he’s fat. Thats a deadly sin. He’s divorced. That’s a sin.

Fast forward to lots of issues in my life. But if we don’t stand for what’s right nothing changes.

I think my stance may have saved my daughter. As she grew she seemed to have an internal struggle. She seems to have decided she’s a girl & likes boys. I never asked. I was going to love her either way. I will fight any man on planet earth who wants to mess with her. I’ll beat you in the ground like a post.

For all I know I may have saved her life from visiting here. I see all these babies in pain & I keep crying for them. How can parents not care?

My life isn’t perfect. I’m not perfect. In fact I’m so flawed no one likes to be around be anymore since my last anerism. But I’m glad I feel the way I do. They may not like me. But I like me.

If my disease is killing me I’m glad I’ve stood up for others my whole life. Caused me a lot of grief. But so what.

If you’ve ever seen fear in a little persons eyes when they are surrounded; then saw relief when you stepped up, it’s all worth it. It once got me expelled from school. Had to move to the inner city. Had no parents. But I’m glad I saved that boy. The rest of his life he knows at least one person loved him enough to fight 3 guys on the football team to save him.