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Thank you for this time

I just wrote an 8 pages long suicide note, it included the type of flowers I want on my funeral, and the type of music, thank god i won’t be here to pick songs because I can’t decide for shit. I just wanna say, I love you all. Don’t let yourself get beaten to a pulp by life, don’t give up on your dreams, fall in love, love so much that it hurts if you don’t. Be so unapologetically you that it makes others around you uncomfortable. Be misérable and lay down for a second, look at the ceiling and believe that nothing is ever gonna be good again, have that moment of hopelessness, because when you get back up again; it’s glorious.

i love you.

my name is something, I’m seventeen years old. I love cats and I wish I could’ve been a writer one day, I love my aunt to death. But I’m sorry.

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Re: Thank you for this time

Hey love

Please don't go.....

You've left a nice advice for us but please try to practice them before you end it all

😥................... Your corpse is useful for nobody but moths and the soil