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That bitch

Well I need to share this to someplace or someone but I am too afraid, well I was sleeping over my cousin's house but his uncle was there drunk and I ask my little cousin "what will he do will he like yell at us or what" he said nope hes the fun drunk. So we were just playing in his room the uncle came he sat by me I was playing his tablet my cousin needed to use the bathroom and the uncle touched my thighs then slowly went up. I told him to stop but he didn't until my cousin came in I was so relieved . The uncle just went to his room and we were just watching TV I was too scared to sleep so I stayed up all night my cousin was sleeping I was watching tv then

He came in the room he sat by me and asked if he can lick my pussy I said no he said it would feel good and I was only 12 at the time I said no he went to his room and i when to use the bathroom the bathroom and his room are right next to each other i got out he grabbed me started to touch me I said not there it hurts I kicked him and I ran home without no shoes but I had a sweater on and I just lived like 2 blocks away