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That girl part 2🥺

I literally fall in love with her more and more as the minutes pass , she walks beside me and I can’t help but laugh and smile because not only does it mean , that she is safe with me , it means I know she is here with me . She is honestly the cutest person you’d ever like meet 🤯

if I was to have a chance , I’d love her With every bit of me , and give her the world , like she deserves, and spoil her with everything she’s ever wanted , I’d make sure she’s okay , and show her how much more she’s worth , than she thinks .

we have our arguments , but at the end of each one , I would tell her I love her and apologise , because she’s my world , when I see her I say to myself , “that’s my world Standing right there “ , and I realise how much more she deserves.

I can’t even think straight without her being on my mind. 🥺

she is the best person in my life .

she is beautiful.

she is the most loving person.

she is the cutest .

she is gorgeous .

she is that girl ❤️