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That time in highschool

I was chilling with my friends.

A group of "entertainment" idiots came up and forced me, a person with high social anxiety to answer a question.

Them: How many genders are there

Me: I don't wanna...

Them: Oh come On AnSweR :)

Me: *over thinking about the fact there are SO MANY GENDER IDENTITIES. And then wondering "wait are they asking for the "medical" gender thing? Or like, the Identity kind? How the fuck am I supposed to answer this. And then come up with the doctor's binary answer*

Me: 2?

Them: WRONG. *they leave*

*posts video for whole class to see. People bully me after.*

Me: (oh shit. Ohhhh shit what the hell. I couldn't even add on to that. They didn't even censor it. I didn't even sign up for it. I didn't wanna be asked anything because I was having an identity crisis. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck)

Me: *loses several friends because of this video*

Trans friends of mine at the time: Dont worry about it. They stupid retards who don't know you. Fuck them. They don't deserve you.

Me waking up in the middle of the night and remembering this: where to vent... fuck fuck fuck...

Moral of the story:

Don't ask a teenager going through an identity crisis without permission a sensitive case topic. Especially if they are a stranger. And especially if they didn't want to be a part of this.

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Re: That time in highschool

My moments of embarrassment.

At 12 I was at a pool. Very muscular. Someone took pics. Was in paper. I thought blew over. Yrs later I realize are still run ads with me.

One day in college wife says that looks like you. Sure enough I was in large poster.

Another time I sang a woman’s love song on radio so wife could meet fave singer. They kept play it. My voice is fine for blues type stuff; but a high pitch love song, oh I’m bad. Very bad.