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My name is Vaeh. I am a young girl with a troubled past. I have been in and out of juvie, I have been addicted and not addicted to drugs. I have been arrested varies of times. I am what you would call a "troubled soul" or "the evil one" I haven't been more depressed or more suicidal and sadistic till now. I will and forever be the bad one, the one who calls out your mistakes, the one who makes sure you feel terrible about yourself if you do something that makes me feel bad. I have been the on the wrong side of the world until my first day alive. I have been in the ins and outs of everything you could ever imagine. I have tried to help myself, I have been in the wrong situations, I have put myself in those situations. I was always very troubled, very mature, very everything.

But I am not all just bad, people like for me to portray myself as bad, heck, even I love do to that. I love to make people be afraid of me, I love that.

Like I said, I am not all that bad and I have some good parts to myself, I can be very very empathetic, I can be compassionate and kind. I can be trustworthy and normal.

I just dont choose to be. I dont choose to be that "kind hearted soul" I have and never will be that.

I think the scientists are wrong, I think that the world is flat. I think the world is flat because I have been hanging off the side of it for fourteen years and I have not have had one single hand to try and help me up. Its not like I have not been noticed, I have been a lot of times. I just never asked for help, I never said, "Hey can you help me up?" I have never been the one to ask for help.. I never have been able to, I wont. I just really wont ever do that. I have been raised that if you help and trust yourself and only yourself. I will never never be the type of girl to be trusting of my problems or my secrets.

I dont have friends, I dont have that much family, I dont have anyone except for me.

I am by myself, I am alone. I am Nevaeh Dudderar