The 4th of July and the American Flag is Racist.

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I live in a small New England town where every 4th of July they decorate the main street with American Flags, people get super patriotic and we have a little town parade and firework show. I used to love 4th of July growing up but since I've been at college I've learned so much about the USA. I'm now at the point with this country with all these 4th of July decorations and celebrations and it doesn't sit well with me. We're now at a point where the American flag flying anywhere, on a bumper sticker or on any piece of anything it just looks racist (not only to me as a now educated person) but to those who experienced racism and oppression under the US flag.

The American flag was the symbol against masks during the covid lockdowns, it was the symbol for the racist all lives matter and the racist blue lives matter and many other events on the right, MAGAT, Trumpian mouth breathing knuckle draggers, I'm sorry, but the American flag now screams racism to us who now know what it's being used for. It screams colonizer and it screams we white people don't season our food. I won't be celebrating July 4th today or any other time, I am officially canceling. I'm just tired of seeing the original 13 colonies flag hung all over the place. Plus 4th of July is overrated, it's hot, fuck the fireworks as they can give PTSD to people and to our pets.

We can do better people. We really need to get rid of our racist past and construct a newer and better society or equality and justice.