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The 9 year old girl

NO 9 year old girl, NO child should feel so much pain at that age, what was going through her head? She shouldn’t hate herself so much, she is just a child what does she know about pain?,at 9 years old she shouldn’t be thinking about ending her life,She shouldn’t hate herself so much it’s not her fault, she hasn’t experienced half of the life.

It was me, I was that 9 year old girl, I was molested and sexually harassed by my own grandfather, and it destroyed me in every way possible

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Re: The 9 year old girl

Yep. By 9 I’d been mollested & sodomized for 7 yrs more or less. Been locked in a dark room alone for 2 of them. Been starved. Been threw out by my dad & abandoned by my mom. Been tied up by my ankles & beat with a stick. Been tied to a bed & assaulted. And much worse that I can’t even tell anyone. So worse.

I’d been the only survivor of a wreck. Kind people had took me. I watched them die. Held them as they died. It was all hell after that.