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The Abandoned Carousel

Why do you like an abandoned carousel so much? There’s just something about the way they look, the downright unsettling feel to them, and the dark past that goes on behind them. Along with the seats of old rusty jumpers or a busted floorboard, that’s where the mysteries lie.

You may sit there and contemplate the fleetingness of life. The structure is no fun but it allows you a glimpse of someone’s life after time has softened the outline. Time has obliterated all trace of laughter the place once held.

Somehow it offers no resistance to your impulsive entry and curiosity. It gives tacit permission to trespass, runs all over the inside, yells to no particular person, who isn’t there anyway. It’s like being home alone. And when you’re alone, you become lawless. Lawlessness is a nirvana of a petrified good people who follow rules and do not lie on taxes.

An abandoned carousel is an embodiment of Once Upon a Time.