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The abuse of authority

As of right now a lot of people, from the past to present or possibly the future will suffer from this abuse. Forcing an innocent person to claim A sin that he didn't committed, as for the following story that I will tell you this is happening in the present time. A teenager arrested in front of a lot of people, before the warrant was showed he was suddenly chained and the police who arrested him was shaming him, he was not allowed to change from his boxer, cover his face and bring someone with him for his protection. I don't know what happens after that but when I saw him again he was shaking, he was so scared but the officers are just laughing. And a day after we visited him again but his hands was in pain he didn't say what happened but a anonymous source based on the experience of their family relative the officers are forcing them to tell that they committed the accuse. I don't know if it's true or not but still as I see every news there's always an abuse specially with the authorities like in the US. I hope that someone can help us find the Truth 🙏. So please everyone who will read this not all in our current curruption is spreading everywhere. So please be careful, as I sharing this to you guys I am sacrificing my own security but I was motivated by the group anonymous that we shall not stop telling what we know, the truth must be told.

- Justice for the innocent people