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It is morning 8.30 I called my husband to help me pour the already prepared Tea. Every day he is prepares it since

1 st April 2020 , his superannuation. Today I woke up early for two reasons; one I had little breathing difficulties and secondly my son came down with the kitty to be calmed down. There was one more remote reason I called him, our tea together on our 30th.yeah Coronaversary. I was searching my ointment so switched on the lights, my 28 y daughter screamed to switch it off. I came out of the room and he did put it off. I went to search it in the living room cabinets... Oucchh something hard hit me at my back.... A well targeted footwear of my dear darling princess, who wished me happy Anniversary in this very Unusual way. Bend with pain, attacked with shame, hurt with dirt, stunned with despair, cut with guilt... Of parenting gone wrong... I am shattered. I sacrificed everything for this little princess who is not happy with herself.,. After rivers of tolerances and oceans of patience. My hubby of 31 years was helpless to protect me as he was on cross roads. Should I laugh, should I quit, Should I live.... Like this? Suggestions welcome.