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The Blissful life of the Sick and or Handicapped

I wish I could get a chronic illness for myself. Sick and handicapped people live the most luxurious life. Even the most brain damaged ones are kept alive as they just lay there and drool. Trust me I wanna be sick and handicapped more than anything in the world, and if i could fake it well, I would, but i can't. I want to become a triple threat in the entertainment industry so I can be famous and get attention that way. Sick gets you everything, health just makes you work for a living - and even then, you don't get all the goodies, treats, perks,and privileges the sick do. No cool beds that go up and down, no easy parking unless you pay for valet, no VIP treatment unless you pay, no Wishes to be Batkid ( ugh, i wanted to punch that worthless cancer ridden turd)... see what I am getting at here? Sick/handicapped/chronically ill is like being a king, queen, princess, celebrity, emperor, etc without having to be born into the right bloodline or working your ass off at a talent.