The Cheerleader

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She’s spent years encouraging everyone. She’s looked past her own hurts to lift others up. It didn’t matter that she had her own problems, all that mattered was that she made someone happy. It didn’t matter if it is was a close friend, a lover, or a stranger. She just wanted to please. She smiled and cheered all the while dying on the inside. If you looked closely, you might  have noticed the glint of sadness in her eyes all the while she clapped and cheered for whatever happiness occurred to others. She’s the one that is always on standby to give an encouraging word. She’s the one that is genuinely happy for you in that moment of utter bliss. It’s not until she is alone later that the tears fall. It’s not until she goes home to a life not what she expected that the pain comes. She’s not less happy for you, no, she’d never feel that way. She just asks The Lord when will the time come that someone cheers for her. When will all the joy she’s spread be returned? Will it ever come or is she meant to live a life that is only for the the betterment of others? She doesn’t know, but in the meantime, she will continue to cheer for everyone else. She’ll continue to speak encouragement and love into the lives of others.,That is her gift and sometimes, it’s even her curse. 

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