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The drive home.

Last night I drove home. The streets were damn near quite. The chill of winter and the restriction of a lockdown ensure the streets are empty at that time. Driving in the dead of night where it's just you, your car, the streetlights and some music, preferably with hour partner but hey, I was driving back from seeing him though so... He would have definitely put the cherry on top of that drive...

All I wanted to do was stop the car, strip naked, let the biting chill of winter tease me, run towards a place I know there would be cameras and masterbate. I've posted about this before... Public indecency at a time, during a lockdown where no one is quite expecting it. I would love my partner to be there... I wonder if he would be up for it. To slide his hard cock into my pussy for the person that'll reviews all camera footage the next day. Make their day, have them watch us multiple times and jerk off from us.