The dumb stuff in life...

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Hi, hello, it me you know zee drill...

So I had this friend..And he's like, really smart..Not just smart, THE SUPERIOR TYPE OF SMART. He would explain to me lots of things about the bible, his perspective in life, goals and dreams, etc. So anyway, once I told him what I LIKE, which is the dumb stuff in life(duh) he politely disagreed with me...Cos it just makes no sense to him, AT ALL..I told him that I like to watch random stuff that show up on yt, some astrology vids, and a little bit of acrylic nails tutorial. I also showed him that I want to do silly stuff as I grow up, try odd things, explore some random places.. He disliked it because he said it was a waste of time...I told him, why is it a waste then? He said that it was a waste because he would learn nothing from it...I then told him, when did the things that make a person happy turn into waste? Hey, sometimes, the dumb stuff in life is your only escape from reality...srsly..Instead of all that, sometimes these specific stuff adds the spice to your life, makes you have lil bit of freedom and joy? Maybe..But this is my simple joys in life...

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